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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  January 5, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this is wjz and, baltimore. >> good morning, maryland. now don scott, marty bass, breaking news with wjz's news team and your first warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> hello again at the top of the hour and this is not as cold as yesterday but it is still cold out this and a bit breezy. sharon updates traffic after weather. a bit breezy. it's not windy, it's breezy. 9 miles per hour steady breeze on tv hill. yesterday 18-20 miles per hour. our last gust was 18 miles per hour. it's still a 15-degree windchill right now. but not as harsh.
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31 at lunch. feels like 24. >> thank you. how about the hurry up, here's sharon gibala in traffic control. >> no real delays. we have two accidents on major roadways. the first one on the shoulder. you will find a second on 795 southbound on the shoulder. a water main break in the city. lane closures for fire activity, a building fire on 40 westbound. there's the north side running smoothly. no issues on the west side at baltimore national pike. 95 at full speed. wjz 13 is always on, for traffic information, log onto here's what people will be talking about today, the president having a full plate this morning as we deals with
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global terrorism. he meets with top security officials about plane security following an attempted plane bombing on christmas day. al-qaida in yemen have taken responsibility. now there's no protocols, full body patdowns on flights from 14 countries. sky jackson explains hundreds of members of the international guard are heading overseas. >> the number of troops in afghanistan jumps following an or by president obama. it's an effort to rid the region of terrorists and stabilize the war-torn country. >> among a range of difficult choices this is the best way to protect our nation now and in the future. >> reportererin december the
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president announced plans to increase troops by 30,000 and the members of the national guard will be among them. >> what will the servicemen and women be doing in afghanistan? >> two units are deploying. the c-130-js that carry troops and equipment and support operations throughout the whole area. now the a-10s are different, they are jet fighters and provide support to the army troop, marines and others on the ground. >> reporter: it will be the largest deployment for maryland. >> members of the air lift group and maintenance and operations group serve in support roles in afghanistan. >> we try to give as much
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notice to our citizen soldiers so they know when they deploy they have some time ahead of themselves to get the families ready and a lot of people have full time jobs, the employers will be without folks for a while. >> two planes have left for afghanistan and 12 fighter jets will be in the theater. baltimore county police asking for your help in finding a young woman from cockeysville that's been missing since thanksgiving. a love seat that matches this couch is missing from the home. a caller phone them but the call was interrupted or never completed. police are asking that person to call them back. police in the d.c. area make another arrest in a murder case that landed one of their
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own behind bars. d.c. metro police officer jones was arrested. they say officer jones was on downtown an acted as a lookout for the robbers. >> it's an argument not going away. slots or no slots. a group of citizens, neighbors against a plan to bill a casino at arundel mills mall is not willing to give up. live to explain why the final decision could come down to voters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the decision about where those slots will go was already made last month but now angry neighbors vowing to stop the construction. there are still plans to stop the company from putting 5,000 video lottery terminals at the arundel mills mall. even after getting the go ahead from the county council and
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executive in december. >> we're prepared to submit our plans for approval in the county and get through the process and begin construction. >> reporter: antislot activists are not slowing down. >> we see it as a new beginning for us because with will continue to fight it until the ends. >> the next battle is collecting 19,000 signatures. if they vote against bringing the slot. >> going door to door is our first and formost, going to our neighbors who will know us and venturing out to other places like schools. >> activists have a month to collect the first half of the
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19,000 signatures. if they succeed. voters are accept or reject the site. >> thank you. as of now, the company says it could have the casino up and running by late next year. turning to sports, the regular season is over and that means time to make some changes. one of the team making them is the washington redskins who fired the head coach yesterday. he was at the head of the time for past two seasons with a total record of 12-20. the ravens -- a wild card game in new england. the game could be easier for the defense. they don't have to worry about a receiver who suffered a knee injury. that doesn't mean they're counting the patriots out at this point. they're in playoffs for second straight year. see them this sunday here on
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wjz 13, taking on the patriots in massachusetts. our live coverage kicks off at 1:00 sunday afternoon. >> the single-elimination tournament. >> yeah. >> my mic is off. that's the single-elimination tournament. something interesting i found out yesterday at the press conference. nfl coaches basically wear the rebok product on the sideline. the nfl wants to see the coaches and the coaching staff looking like they've dressed together or coordinated. this is the coach of the patriots. you see a lot of them on sunday. if it's cold or not, he has a sweatshirt on or wearing a
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hoody. he's not a fashion maiden. he's walking around, got the sweatshirt on. not wearing any purple and i'm going what is he doing here? what's going on? so after the press conference yesterday ravens president told me an interesting story. i asked him, kevin had on one of those sweatshirts yesterday. kind of a casual day, there's a funny story about it. he said he walked up and said i think this is what i'm going to wear during the game. that's what he was wearing during training. he said why? he said what a brought was
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black black, but they're all wearing black, i don't want to wear black. he kept on the sweats when he was walking around almost like a dress down sunday at oakland. not like buzz going. >> i still love this picture. >> it's not like coach buzz is going there. >> i like this picture. >> looking at first-warning doppler. that's interesting looking. matter of fact, we've been looking at light snow during the morning. it's not impacting traffic. for the first time seeing a pretty good sized area of falling flurries as opposed to
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blowing flurries. far west, we have winter weather advisories in. that batch of clouds breaks with a high that feels like 24. now in the low 20s feels like 15. this is a cool story. you touched on it and let's kick it into high gear. >> we're doing great. strength, passion, it's all part of the baltimore at -- attitude and you'll meet a guy that believes deeply in it. we'll tell you about it when we continue. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the humidity 43% now it's 59%. that 26 converts to a 16-degree
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now windchill. temperatures around the region mid to upper 20s, a 14-degree in oakland. 27 bel-air. 26 columbia still in d.c. annapolis and kent island and rock hall 28 degrees. lake effect, that's what we're looking at. interesting to see sharon's traffic cam. i can't imagine that batch is a problem over the next couple days then comes friday and another weather system going up the coast. one thing is for sure, it is going to get to new england and cause problems into the ravens game on sunday. 34 is the high this day. breezy and cold. windchill about 24. still breezy, windchills in the mid to upper teens.
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36, sunny and breezy. friday, saturday and sunday, no matter what the morning effect is, could be some snow showers, we'll get wind and cold again, 20, 37 and 41. >> any problems on the pavement? here's sharon in traffic control. nothing major. we have those two accidents we've been talking about. southbound 795 approaching the beltway and the water main break in the city. possible lane closures there. there's your drive times and your speeds pretty much at full speed. overall not bad. there's 95 at whitemarsh. we have not seen any of those flurries credit -- yet this morning. there's the northwest side.
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this report brought to you by toyota. toyota, moving forward. let's get out to the ronster, ron matz and it's baltimore attitude. ron, i'm going to tell you this, yesterday the gentleman with you gave a couple hats, one for me and one for don. i gave mine to my son and he thought i gave him a piece of gold. this guy has hit on something. >> reporter: he has. good morning, we're live at fells point. we touch on it briefly, we wanted to bring greg murray back. he's started baltimore attitude. >> good morning ron and don and marty. thank you for your service and your commitment to the city of baltimore. >> reporter: it's an attitude. tell us how you came up with the idea. >> baltimore attitude is a
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reflection of strength, fashion and unity. baltimore attitude is fueled by our love and our commitment to the city and the surrounding areas from the allegheny mountains down to ocean city. the baltimore attitude never quits and never fails, we're familiar with failure but we love to be victorious. >> reporter: we're a resilient town. we want to show this truck you brought this down and everyone went nuts. >> this is how we celebrate the baltimore attitude. we want to spread the word and want people to know that baltimore is a very, very proud place to live. if you're not from baltimore and you have visited or
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relocated here, you certainly, it doesn't take very long to figure out there's something remarkable going on in this area of the world. >> reporter: it is. your web site under construction now. >> it's >> very good. the t-shirts and the hats available. you have a love for this town and you know what baltimore is all about. >> absolute lit. it's the people, how the people have banded together through diversities and we remain resilient and we can overcomic in the boy on the street to the motivated executives. >> reporter: i love you. >> our inspiration will always glow. >> we have to show one thing. check this out. this is the back of the truck. >> i've been looking at it.
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>> check it out. that is awesome. we have the baltimore raven and i said greg, you're a visionary. steelers 2009. >> how about that? >> thank you very much, good luck. it's, you'll be able to go online soon. have a great day. >> he's real excited. but i'm telling you, the proof is in it, i have a 14-year-old son, takes, he's a typical 14- year-old kid, puts the hat on and didn't take it off. this guy is onto something. >> thank you. >> guys, stay warm. >> have to show this. mary bubala did a story on it. the big johnson guys. there it is. that's the new shirt out. any time we get it. believe in the purple.
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got that joe flacco going. >> you'll see more in a moment. >> i think we will. >> after i say still to come on the morning edition. >> reporter: purple playoff gear is now in stores. i'm mary bubala, how you can get your hands on it. that story ahead. ,, produce with a 100% guarantee... means freshness is always in season. rancher's reserve beef,
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guaranteed tender, says you're always ready to grill. and now, safeway has a new promise. a commitment to thousands of new everyday low prices. so you can get what you want. when you want it. at the price you need. today... and tomorrow. that's our promise. and that's... ingredients for life.
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forecast calling for a high around 34 degrees. right now we have about a 15 miles per hour windchill. don. ravens nation showing off its pride as we prepare for playoff this sun. how fans are getting geared up for a big game. >> reporter: you're looking at now official playoff purple. and it is hitting stores near you today. the first sign of ravens playoff fever seen here. the believe in purple with ray and joe. >> coming up with something
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catchy and make the graphics that look good. >> reporter: if they win against new england. >> we did the beat indy shirt a few years back. >> reporter: this is mass production here. 500 of these shirts rolled off every hour. that's 4,000 a day that can be produced and they have hot off of the press. inside stores gearing up gear up fans in purple. >> a lot of purple. >> reporter: what's the hottest selling purple item? >> it was flacco, now it's ray rice. >> reporter: they hope that the team roll over the patriots on sunday. >> reporter: tell me about your level of excitement. >> about a five. >> a five. do you think if we injection --
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next weekend. >> a nine, if we win the super bowl, a ten. >> they're going to be super bowl and they're going to win by 3. >> reporter: the t-shirts are hitting the stores and retailing 18-$20. don, back to you. >> thank you. you can see the ravens facing off this coming sunday. the kick offset for 1:00, you can see it here on wjz 13. now yet to come on the morning edition. >> voters may have the final say about where maryland slot machines will go. that story ahead. after a bust terror attack on christmas day, the president meets with top officials to discuss improving national security. that story coming up. if you're about to head out, more volume on the west side of the beltway, if there's
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an official delay yet, we'll tell you after the break. larry mcreynolds, a crew chief with dale earnhardt. one of the fox broadcasters, a cool guy. i'm no mechanic. you probably aren't either, but there's ways to winterize your cars. he'll join,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, maryland. now don scott, marty bass, breaking news with wjz's news team and your first warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. hello again, it's the bottom of the hour and we're getting a hint of the sun coming up in a half hour or so at the harbor. sharon is watching over traffic. here's first warning doppler. it's going on the a hint of the skies brightening because we have the lake effect moving over the region. light snow flurries not causing
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problems. so far so good. looking at watches and advisories, we have a winter weather advisory in effect because of lake perfect. clouds break for sun. 15-degree windchill now. 31 at lunch. a 24-degree windchill today. >> here's sharon gibala in traffic control. as far as problems go, we pick up a new accident on 95 in the northbound lanes at route 32. speeds still well above what the posted speed limit is. watch for a water main break. as far as speeds go, some slight delays on the west side of the beltway. there's a live look at 95. no delays or snowflakes there.
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there's a west side again, a 12- minute drive between 795 and 95 on the outer loop. this report brought to you by toyota. toyota, moving forward. thank you. in the top of the new, the president's first full day back from vacation and he's getting down to business. the president is calling for an increase in airport security following the christmas day bombing attempt in detroit. >> reporter: president obama plans to lay out new steps today aimed at keeping the skies safe. he will make the public statement after his big security meeting with officials this afternoon. they discuss how a man came so close to blowing up a jetliner and how to avoid another attack. >> with the terrorists on the plane coming into detroit, we are not satisfied.
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>> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton vowed to close any gaps in the security. >> we look to see if the procedures need to be changed or upgraded. >> the government added dozens of names to the no-fly list and travelers facing stepped up security. >> checked all of the carry on you're allowed to take on. >> passengers flying in, four of which the u.s. considers terrorism dealt with tough new rules including patdowns and carry on searches. some hope america is not relying on airport security to prevent an attack. >> instead of looking for shampoo, we should be looking for bad people. >> reporter: they want improvements in the intelligence system. officials given a number of clues about the umar farouk abdulmutallab before the
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attack. but the dots were never connected in time. in washington, wjz eyewitness news. the man arrested in detroit was on a data base with other terror suspects since late november but did not put him on the no-fly list. the president has sent thousands of troops to afghanistan. hundreds of members of the international guard are the latest to head overseas. local guard deployed. this is the largest combat operation deployment in the maryland international guard's history. >> we have got two units deploying. the c-130-js that carry troops and equipment and fly throughout the theater and support operations throughout the area. now the a-10s are different,
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they're jet fighters and provide the close air ground support to others on the ground. >> the local guard should be deployed for three months. 8700 maryland service people having deploy overseas. no slots slots in our backyard, a group of neighbors against the plan to build slots in arundel mills mall are not backing down. >> reporter: good morning. the decision about where those slot machines will go was decided last month now angry neighbors are vowing to stop that construction. there are still plans to stop the company from putting nearly 5,000 video lottery terminals at the arundel mills mall even after getting the go ahead from the executive in december. >> we're prepared to submit our plans for approval to the
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county and get through the permit process and begin construction. >> reporter: antislot activists are not slowing down. >> this is a new beginning for us we're going continue to fight this until the end. >> the next battle is collecting 19,000 signatures on a petition to put the arundel mills decision on the ballot. if voters vote against it, then the maryland jockey club believes its racetrack would get another chance at receiving the license. >> i think we can get it on the ballot. >> the first and formost, going to the neighbors if they know us and then also going to other places like schools. >> reporter: activists have a month to collect the first half of the signatures required. if they succeed, voters can accept of reject the site. >> thank you.
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the company says it could have the casino open by late next year. while many marylanders are out of work, a commission meets to decide if state lawmakers should get a pay raise. they are required to meet every four years to determine how much of a raise the lawmakers should receive. the commission's recommendations go to the assembly for a final decision. more controversy involving the mayor dixon trial. there's everyday that the jurors have been communicating. how this could affect the mayor's future. one of the key arguments that the mayor's defense team is that jurors communicateed inappropriately on facebook. >> i felt she abused her position. >> calling her the facebook
6:39 am
friends, they claim five deliberated online and the judge is calling them back to court as witnesses telling them the court instructed the jurors not to discuss it with anyone until the hearing but the jurors have continued to communicate on facebook with one friending three other jurors. on new year's eve, if you see me on the new, remember, you don't know me and blank the judges. other jurors said bottom line, you don't know me. one juror referring to another as mr. stranger. >> i think if you take a step backwards this is just talk. there's a question as to whether this really goes to the heart of anything. >> reporter: the jurors are likely in no trouble but the
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defense can question them about the facebook posts. they do not believe that the issues that the defense has raised are likely to result in a new trial. >> as to what constitutes fairness, that's in the eye of the be holier, was this trial fair to the mayor. >> she'll be sentenced on the 21st of this month and if she did you not get probation before judgment, she'll be out of office. >> stay with wjz for complete coverage of what happens next for sheila dixon and for updates and the background on the story, go to okay, we know the weather has been foul. cold weather affects cars. >> it does. >> that's a picture of fox
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sports and the guy on the end is larry mcreynolds. he won a championship with dale earnhardt. one of the best crew chief in the history of the business. talking about the simple tips that people who are not mechanics, what you can do to help the car out. we'll see how it goes, turned out pretty good. a couple things to learn here. joining us coming up. sharon gibala has traffic control for those running fine this morning. first warning weather and how much longer we have to endure the temperatures. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now, first warning weather, complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. feels like about 15 degrees. west, northwest breeze. wind at 10. what a difference a day makes. yesterday we had gusts at 26 miles per hour and a steady breeze at 18 miles per hour. two days before gusts at 46 miles per hour. we have a cause and effect. a 16-degree windchill. current temperatures in the mid to upper 20s with the exception
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of the 14 oakland. d.c. annapolis, rock hall, kent island. 26 in columbia. westminister is closer to the north pole. 22 degrees. we got lake effect right now. northwest, we have a lake effect in the area and we check in with sharon gibala. it hasn't caused problems. high pressure coming into the area. we continue it cold and breezy and by friday, more weather coming our way. cold conditions. 34 feels like 24. could be a flurry around. not a big deal. tomorrow 36, mostly sunny and breezy. still feeling like the mid to upper 20s. breezy on thursday and here comes more weather friday and 27 and 31. don. thank you. soon to be on your way? here's sharon gibala in traffic control. good morning.
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not too how much to get in your way. no snowflakes but keeping an eye out. watch for a water main break in the city. possible lane lose closure there is. slowest spot 45 miles per hour. there's a live look at 95 at whitemarsh running smoothly. a little more volume, there's a west side at baltimore national pike and 95 at 32. everything runny smoothly. toyota has models with front wheel drive an all wheel drive. your toyota dealer has the ride that is right for you, toyota, moving guard. thank you. this morning's coffee with
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larry mcreynolds. >> it's a pleasure. a huge round of applause from the nascar fan club. absolutely. before we get into talking about how to make your car a little bit better and improve performance during the winter, a quick nascar thought from you. it seems to me. i've been a nascar fan since i was a teenager. the car of tomorrow, the car of today if you will is a little bit racier. is that because crew chiefs not unlike yourself have figured out how to bend the rules and not get caught. >> i think it's a combination that helps the car of tomorrow. the crew chief, the engineers, the driver, they've learn more about the car. nascar has learned better ways of policing and inspecting things about the car.
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the big thing in 2009 that helped the car, it took two and a half years, but the good year tire and rubber company that supplies the tires for cars, they have learned what the car is looking for as far as the compound, the construction of the tire. that's probably helped in 2009 as much as anything. >> that's almost a perfect segue to what we're talking about. i have had a bunch of e-mails, people wanted me to fire that at you. talking about a few products, if your tires are not inflated right you're done from the beginning. >> that's true. you have to be careful with the air pressure, when you go from hot summer months to the cold months, when it gets hot the pressure increases, when it gets cold, it decreases. talking about 24 times a year,
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twice a month, take five minutes and check the air pressure and don't forget another important tier that is part of the car, it's the spare tire. make sure it's properly inflated. >> winterizing the car. you have a couple of products. >> i do. it's because it's products i believe in. one of the most important choices you have to make regular about your car is what gas you put in. i have owned a lot of vehicles and i use a shell nitrogen enriched gas. most have 3 grades but they have an active cleaning ingredients and. everybody cannot afford the top grade, so
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that's why it's available in all grades. with every shell fill-up, you're cleaning and protecting your engine. another thing that is important, the right selection of the engine oil. i use a full synthetic blend because in the winter months it doesn't get so thick it comes like molasses. if you use a pens oil, they have a great program. it's a 300,000-mile warranty and goes into effect 60 days after your first oil change with their product and one of those things that is transferable. the big question, how complicated is it to sign up? you do the first oil change and fill tear change with the product do the regular maintenance, keep the receipts and you're sign up. looking at the economy we're faced with, that's a beautiful
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thing. one thing i think we all take for granted a is being able to see out of the cars you'll get the wintery mix or rain where wipers on, too much or not enough. that's where rain-x forms a coating on the windshield that repels rain, sleet, snow, it rolls off. better visibility, better response time and there's test results that show when you use this product, it can increase your response time up to second, how far is a second? a second at a highway speed can be like buying four car lengths of stopping distance. >> twice a month, check your tires. i'm in. >> first time you use rain x
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you'll find yourself laughing. it works. >> taking a break and coming back. we'll be right back.
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here come updates or sharon gibala and weather from marty. a big fat cloud of lake effect over the area. no big deal. looking at the forecast, we'll see the clouds busting up. 34 is the high.
6:55 am
today's breeze feels like the upper 20s. right now in the lower 20s. feeling like 16. now to sharon gibala. >> traffic control. the flurries not having much of an affect on the commute. one accident on 32. it's not bad 48 miles per hour. 95 running smoothly. the west side looking good at baltimore national pike and running smoothly. don. thank you. in the headlines, the national guard heading overseas this morning. it's the largest combat
6:56 am
operation deploymentployment in the area's history here. the arundel mills slot fight is not over. angry neighbors trying to stop the plan. they must collect 19,000 signatures to do it. billboard magazine named the first arena the number one in the country for its size. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. a brutal winter freeze takes hole on much of the u.s. with record snowfall. when will it end? you may see a few flakes of snow, but it's the far southeastern edge of some lake-
6:57 am
effect snow that could be part of the report you're about to see. have a nice day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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